Other Practices

Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

With experience and proven professionalism, our team develops the best strategy to protect the interests of our clients, defending them in any dispute before the Arbitration and General Courts. We are in permanent communication with our clients, as this is essential for an optimal and effective defence.

Employment Law

The lawyers in our team have extensive experience and expertise in the representation and defence of workers when their dismissal is wrongful, or when it is necessary to proceed with self-dismissal, in occupational injuries and diseases, collective bargaining, etc. In addition, we represent in the labour and civil courts groups of workers of an employer subject to liquidation (bankruptcy) procedure, under the law 20.720.

Corporate Law

We advise our clients, offering the best alternative for the organisation of their assets, and the efficient operation of their businesses. We also carry out corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, contractual arrangements, in addition to corporate governance management, and compliance.

Real Estate Law

Our team advises on the development and execution of the client’s real estate projects, providing title reviews, advising on contracts for the purchase and sale of the necessary land and on obtaining permits, contracting architectural and construction company services, etc.
Eguiguren y Abogados can also represent the client in any dispute resolution that may arise as result of the real estate project to be carried out.

Will and Estates

We represent and advise the heir, beneficiary or legatee in particular or the group of people called upon to concur to the inheritance, by will or by intestate succession. Once a person dies, a community of heirs is formed, whose estate can be settled by common agreement or by the will of one of those called to inherit. Our team has vast experience in all matters related to inheritance law, including the actual possession proceedings, inventory of assets, calculation, and payment, of inheritance tax, filing and registration with the Civil Registry, the Real Estate Registry, and other public registries. We also participate in the settlement of disputes between heirs, beneficiaries and/or legatees.

Construction Law

Eguiguren y Abogados advises contractors or subcontractors, and other participants, in the design, drafting, review, participation in bids and/or closing of any type of contract related to the construction industry, whether public or private, local, or international.
The Firm will ensure that the client’s contractual relationships with third parties are viable and certain, carrying out a legal and financial analysis of the counterparty, together with a regular follow-up, if required by the client.
Should a dispute arise, our team of lawyers can represent clients in arbitration, lawsuits, alternative dispute resolution, negotiations, or reorganization and liquidation proceedings under Law 20,720.



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